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Umrah & Hajj by proxy


The Umrah and Hajj are two important pilgrimages for Muslims. The Hajj is the annual Grand Pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, while the Umrah is a lesser pilgrimage that can be performed at any time of the year. Both pilgrimages involve specific rites and prayers, which must be performed in accordance with strict rules established by tradition..

It is possible to perform Hajj and Umrah by proxy, but this must be done in accordance with strict rules to ensure that the pilgrimage is performed correctly. Pilgrims must ensure that the people they appoint to perform the pilgrimage on their behalf are trustworthy and competent. The Holy Places of Islam must be respected and honored by all pilgrims, whether they perform the Hajj or Umrah in person or by proxy.

Those eligible for Umrah & Hajj are all Muslims who are deceased or incapacitated. These incapacities are :

Incurable disease*

Advanced age​*

Permanent disability​*

* Do not allow to’ make the pilgrimage.

4 simple steps to a

Umrah & Hajj by proxy

step 1
Choice of

Choose the formula of your choice to perform Umrah and/or Hajj by filling out our reservation form.

step 2

Ensure secure online payment and receive instant confirmation of your reservation and payment.

step 3
the pilgrimage

Students of Islamic sciences (Talab Al-'Ilm) will perform Umrah on your behalf, and you will then receive the pilgrimage videos and the corresponding certificate of completion.

step 4

The performance of your Umrah & Hajj by proxy is accepted and will be taken into account in the good deeds of the beneficiary, with Allah's permission..

an Umrah & Hajj by proxy